The Guillotine Story

Everybody Has Seen The Guillotine Choke. But Do You Know How To Do It Good Enough To Finish Every Choke You Catch? Learn The Tricks To Guillotine Mastery And Have Your Opponents Terrified To Give Their Neck Up!

guillotine choke

Having a strong Guillotine Choke can completely throw your opponent's game off. An​y time they are on bottom and try to stand up there is a guillotine. Any time they shoot there is a guillotine. Grappling with a guillotine fanatic is a nightmare!

mma gullotine choke

One of my students, Edgard Plazaola, finishing a jumping guillotine choke in his pro MMA debut.

At my academy, the Freestyle Fighting Academy in Miami, FL, this nightmare is ever present. All my top fighters are guillotine machines - winning both grappling and MMA matches with the powerful choke. In the training room, every shot has to be well timed or else you are going to get guillotined. In fact, most of our team has switched their whole take down strategy because of how prevalent guillotines and Kimura Traps are.

When we have visitors from others schools come to our gym, it is very common that they get caught repeatedly in guillotines until they realize that they have to respect the choke regardless of what position they are in - even BJJ black belts.

What Started The Guillotine Craze at FFA?

When my brother and I first started teaching back in 2000, we didn't have any structure. We just taught what we felt needed to be covered and winged every class. This is what many instructors do even to this day.

Once we started learning more about learning and focusing on delivering the highest quality instruction for our students, we realized we needed more direction to our classes. It is very rare that someone learns something in the first try, and it would require repeated exposures over a period of time before someone would actually "learn" the technique or position.


I have known this from personal experience as I worked to master with the Kimura Trap System, where I spent 4 months only doing the Kimura in training. My focus on specialization allowed me to sky rocket my skill in what would take the jack of all trades ages. So our approach was to give our students a specialization each month.

That was how the FFA Monthly Curriculum was born (available online now at Each month, we would cover one particular set of techniques for striking, wrestling, and grappling - giving our students the ability to focus and not get distracted with all the other techniques out there.

We didn't have to wait long to get results. It was only in our second month that we saw huge success. We had two of our pro MMA fighters win with the move of the month, and a bunch more in grappling tournaments. The move of the month - the Guillotine Choke.

FFA Brown Belt Robert Rodriguez winning his MMA fight by guillotine.

Once that happened, my brother and I knew we were on to something good with the curriculum. But what we didn't know was how far the Guillotine obsession would go with our students.

How a Blue Belt Submitted a BJJ Black Belt in Under 60s.

I think it is natural that over time people will specialize. You will find a particular technique or position that suits your style and body and make it your own. The better you get with it, the more your game will center around it.

This is the case with my student Devin Genchi. At the time he was a blue belt under me, and had come from a football background. He was training during that guillotine curriculum, and it just stuck with him - forever, lol!

He would not stop using the guillotine. At first, he was looking like that white belt that would just latch onto your neck and hold on to it for dear life - even though it wasn't even close to finishing. But it didn't take long for him to get lethal with the Guillotine, and start creating his own setups and techniques.

The technique that put him on the map is shown below. He calls it the Genchitine - the bastard child of a Guillotine and Crucifix, lol!

guillotine choke

FFA Blue Belt Devin Genchi submitting Popovitch Black Belt Joao Moncaio with the Genchitine.

He debuted this in competition as a blue belt against Pablo Popovitch BJJ Black Belt Joao Moncaio. It took him less than 60 seconds to catch Joao and submit him with it from a position most people never even thought they could get caught in a guillotine with.

But Devin wasn't a one hit wonder. He would guillotine EVERYONE (me included) if you let him get around your neck. I have seen him obliterate visiting black belts and famous UFC fighters with the Guillotine. His training partners quickly caught on and also started developing an affinity to the Guillotine. That is when I realized that we had something more than just a Guillotine, but a system of attacking the neck that can be taught to anyone.


Why Learn The Guillotine Choke?


One of my Undefeated MMA Champions, Jason Soares, winning a grappling match by jumping Guillotine Choke.

  • One of the best ways to counter shots with a powerful submission
  • Easy way of shutting down the half guard from top position
  • Make it impossible for anyone to stand up off their back without getting guillotined
  • Opponents who like to turtle won't like it anymore once you guillotine them
  • Learn all the escapes to the guillotine so you don't become the next victim

You might be thinking - I already know the Guillotine. Just like you knew everything there was to about life when you were 15...LOL!

Chances are, there are a TON of things you are missing out on, that are stopping you from finishing each and every guillotine. Every little detail I will reveal to you will boost your odds greatly. The Guillotine is one of the easiest submissions to catch, but most people don't really go for it because they second guess themselves. After learning it from me, you won't. πŸ™‚


Does the Guillotine Still Work in BJJ and MMA?

FFA Black Belt Jason Soares winning his Fight Time Title by Guillotine.


In fact, know more than ever competitors are getting better at using the Guillotine. The Guillotine Choke Series is one of the most important things to learn for my fighters (followed by the Kimura Trap System).

But I know I am biased, but numbers don't lie. Take a look at the chart below:

The Guillotine Choke is the second most popular submission in the UFC, just below the Rear Naked Choke (which I have series for as well). So if it working for the top pros in the sport, don't you think you owe it to yourself to get good at it too?

What Does The Guillotine Choke Series Cover?

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    Closed Guard Guillotine - The very first Guillotine we all have learned, but broken down into every small piece so we can get a higher level of understanding. Once you understand the operating principles, every guillotine is easier to do.
  • check
    Arm Inside Guillotine - This used to be considered a junk move back in the day. Not anymore! This position is easier to get than the regular Guillotine, and much harder to escape. A must know for all!
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    Half Guard Guillotine - Yes, you can get the Guillotine from Half Guard too! It is one of my favorite positions to attack it from. The key is to control which side they land on.
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    Deconstructed Guillotine - This is a sneaky little trick I came up with from bottom half guard to catch people with a really weird choke. Works exactly like a Guillotine, but looks nothing like it. You are guaranteed to catch people the first couple of times with this.
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    Squeesel Diesel - "You can't finish a Guillotine choke from bottom side mount!" is what people have always side. They are WRONG! After you learn this, you will have people second guessing everything they have thought was possible in BJJ.
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    Jumping Guillotine - This move is so misunderstood. I see people try to pull guard from the Guillotine and end up getting passed or worse, hurting themselves. Learn the right way to jump the guillotine so you finish strong and do not hurt yourself.
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    Throat Crusher - Also known as the 10 finger guillotine, this is a very fast acting choke for when your opponent's head gets stuck in the middle. Just go easy on this one, as you can ruin someone's day with too much pressure on their throat.
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    One Arm Guillotine - Want to make someone feel like a shmuck? Then this is the move for you, LOL! Jokes aside, this is a strong choke from an easy to attain position that will allow you an easy finish.
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    Diving Guillotine - This one is for the Guillotine fanatic that must have guillotines from even impossible positions. You can skip the guard passing and just dive for a guillotine. Crazy? Sure. Effective. Very.
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    Hip Escape - It's all fun and games until someone catches you in a Guillotine. That is when you wish you knew the hip escape. Not to be confused with your usual shrimping motion, but a great way of escaping even the tightest guillotine choke.
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    Von Flue Choke - This technique has become more popular than ever, but for the white belt spaz that doesn't know the Squeesel Diesel, you can counter choke them and make them pay for squeezing your neck.
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    And much more!

These are just ​a sampling of some of the techniques covered in the Guillotine Choke Series. Altogether, there are 39 techniques that span over 3 hours and 40 minutes of detailed instruction. As always, I include the Guillotine Choke Series Mind Map and online updates for free. 

How Do I Get It?

I know the question most of you will have at this point: "How Much Does It Cost?"

You can get the Online Course (with Streaming Video that you can watch on any device, phone, tablet, or PC) for only:

gullotine chokes

We have a DVD version available as well for $77 plus shipping and handling, which you can get by following the button above as well.


Why Should I Get This?

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    Your sprawl game is not on point and no one respects your head locks and shoots with ease
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    You struggle with guillotines and end up losing exchanges
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    Half guard players attack you with ease and you do not have a way of shutting them down
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    Opponents stand up off their back with no problems
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    You want an easy to catch submission that you can rely on getting at least once in every match

I love focusing on techniques that are friendly to all ages, sizes, and experience levels, and the Guillotine Choke is the undisputed king. Top MMA coach Robert Folis put it best when he said:

"The Guillotine Choke is the overhand right of grappling."


I doesn't matter how much experience you have or how amazing your guard is, once you are stuck in a Guillotine choke, you are just like everyone else.​


You don't walk into combat without a clutch weapon. So get this course and you will thank me later for sharing this with you. πŸ™‚

Believe and Achieve,

Still Deciding?

I understand. If you haven't ordered from me before, there is always a leap of faith one has to take when investing in something. Especially when you do it online.

So I try to make this as easy as possible for you with my Money Back Guarantee.


Get the Guillotine Choke Series and receive all the bonuses. You can watch the DVD, use the mind map and take it with you to the gym. If within 30 Days you are not satisfied with the Guillotine Choke Series, then you can return it back to me by simply:

  • Writing a simple review of my system telling me why it sucked and how you didn’t learn one technique from it (you can be brutally honest)
  • Returning the package with all the products within 30 days after receiving the Guillotine Choke Series and receive a full refund.

In the 6 years since I started selling DVD's and Online Courses, I can count the number of refunds I have given out on one hand. Only 5, and I have had thousands of orders made through me.

I'm extremely proud of that fact, and I take great care to ensure everyone that orders through me is 100% satisfied with their order. Whether you want to email me, Facebook Message me, call me, or even do a Skype session to address a problem with your order I will be more than happy to.

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