Stuck with a Guillotine You Cannot Finish? Use The Guillotine Elevator

You get a nice catch with your Arm Inside Guillotine in a closed guard...You are cranking it, and your opponent is stuck...There is just one problem - he isn't tapping.

It happens to even the best guillotine guys. For whatever reason, your guillotine isn't finishing him. Maybe he stacked you too much, your elbow is tot high, he got his hands inside your grip, your hips are too square, or god knows what else could be going wrong.

The point is, what do you do from here?

The answer is the Guillotine Elevator. This will allow you to sweep your opponent and finish from the top with a mounted Guillotine. This is a very strong guillotine that shouldn't have a problem finishing. At the very least, you will have swept to mount. Anyway you slice it, it is a good place to be. Watch the video so that you will never let go of another tight guillotine.

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Sneak Peek 1
Jumping Guillotine

Sneak Peek 2
Guillotine Elevator

Sneak Peek 3
Throat Crusher

Our final Sneak Peek into the Guillotine Choke Series is nasty. You will make enemies at your school for doing this technique, and also a lot of sore throats.

The Throat Crusher is a very powerful choke that is used whenever your opponents head is trapped in the center of your body, which makes it great for countering head inside single leg shots and whenever you are sprawled over your opponent. Make sure to stay tuned for our final video!