The Art of Jumping Guard with a Guillotine Choke

Learning how to properly jump into the guard with a guillotine is crucial to any future choke master. Too often I see people land badly, resulting in injury or lost submission attempts. This video you are about to watch will cover everything you need to know about how to execute the perfect jumping guillotine.

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Sneak Peek 1
Jumping Guillotine

Sneak Peek 2
Guillotine Elevator

Sneak Peek 3
Throat Crusher

My next Sneak Peek into the Guillotine Choke Series will be covering what I call the Guillotine Elevator. It is both a sweep AND a submission that you can use when you are stuck on your back with a choke that you cannot finish. It is a goto move whenever I am stuck and will become one for your too. Make sure you check your emails for the next installment!